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Laura Bond

Laura Bond

Katy, TX
Joined: August 2017

What got you interested in Essential oils?

I became interested in essential oils because I am wanting more of a natural way to improve my health.

What is your favorite oil & usage?

My favorite oils are Frankincense and RC. I have had severe allergies for 20 years. Each year I get a steroid shot, allergy meds and nasal spray along with an antibiotic. This is my first fall with no allergy problems. I feel great!

When was your first Ah-ha moment?

My first AH-HA moment was when I ran out of some of my favorite starter kit oils. Then I hit a slump and realized how much they are helping me feel better. I have more energy and very happy.

If you could choose 2 oils to take with you on a desert island what would they be & why?

I would take Frankincense and Lavender with me everywhere I go, especially on a deserted island.

Why do you love being a part of The Drops of Joy?​

I love the relationships with the other women involved. The Drops of Joy is a very encouraging group of authentic women who love the Lord.

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